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About Us

Edgy, professional, pragmatic, quirky, hardworking, intelligent…. we have them all but one common bond unites us all CREATIVITY. Established in 2015, we are now one of Nigeria’s leading creative agencies.

Michael Banjo
Managing Director
Area of Expertise: Leadership, Reciprocity, Negotiation
Likes: Ideas, Creativity, Jerk Junction, Chocolate
Dislikes: Dishonesty, Interruption, Indecision, Inaction
Office Nickname: Boss, Your Majesty
Personality: Business Minded, Likes Banter (sometimes)
Paula Carey
Head of Department Interior Design
Area of Expertise: Hotels, Bars, Restaurants, Offices
Likes: Sunny Days, My Other Half, Prossecco
Dislikes: Incompetence, Indecision
Office Nickname: P
Personality: Fun, Tough, Fair
Emma Alker
Head of Decor Creative Academy
Area of Expertise: Education, Interior Design
Likes: Pugs, Walking, Sticky Toffee Pudding
Dislikes: Rain, Spiders, Stilton Cheese
Personality: Ambitious, Friendly
Diane McKinlay
Executive Assistant
Area of Expertise: Organisation, Administration
Likes: Family, Travel, Coffee, Sunshine
Dislikes: Rudeness, Tea, Snow
Personality: Quiet, Friendly, Easy Going
Tom Nancollis
Senior Interior Designer & Tutor
Area of Expertise: Tutoring, Interior Design
Likes: Weekends, Pigeon Pie
Dislikes: Awkward Questions, Pigeons
Personality: Lighthearted
Laura Grime
Area of Expertise: Interior Design
Likes: Cooking, Rum, My Lizard Tango
Dislikes: Dogtooth Patterns, Cucumber
Personality: Friendly, Inventive (and a little crazy)
Ken Sewell
Brand & Graphic Designer
Area of Expertise: Graphic Design, Architectural Design
Likes: Creating, Gym, Sport, Business, Travelling
Dislikes: Dishonesty, Laziness, Unfairness
Personality: Friendly, Hardworking, Creative
Loni Leveridge
Marketing Assistant
Area of Expertise: Creative Writing, Social Media, Editing
Likes: Pizza, Turtles, Positive Vibes, Autumn Colours
Dislikes: Long Queues, Confrontation
Personality: Personable, Quirky, Fun
Megan Warrington
Office Administrator
Area of Expertise: Admin, Procurement, Organisation
Likes: Coffee, Rain, Prosecco
Dislikes: Bushy Eyebrows, Rude People, Being Cold
Office Nickname: Mystic Meg, IT Genius
Personality: Committed, Good-Natured, Open
Heather Cherowbriel
Branding Co-ordinator
Area of Expertise: Logo Design, Editorial
Likes: Pizza, Wine, Dogs, Beds
Dislikes: Warm Milk, Rain, Stilton Cheese
Personality: Laid Back, Determined, Enthusiastic
Victoria Soyinka
Area of Expertise: Interior Design, Photoshop
Likes: K-pop, Donald Duck, Singing
Dislikes: Being Late, Feeling Cold
Personality: Reserved, Friendly
Joanna Mitchell
Area of Expertise: CAD, InDesign, Sketchup, Photoshop
Likes: Food, Cooking, Animation/Cartoons
Dislikes: Liquorice, Sugar in Tea
Personality: Positive, Quirky, Easy going
Gary Sham
Interior Design Co-ordinator
Area of Expertise: AutoCAD, 3D Modelling, Photoshop
Likes: Reading, Games, Movies, Food
Dislikes: Rain, Feeling Cold
Personality: Friendly, Easy Going
Ololade Moyofoluwa
Country Administrator
Area of Expertise: Administration, Project Management, Customer Relations
Likes: Honesty, Planning and Organising Events, Dancing, Reading
Dislikes: Dishonesty
Personality: Jovial and Gentle
Veronica Nwamadi
Business Development Manager
Area of Expertise: Business Developer, Sales, Marketing
Likes: Quiet Moments, Fun with Friends
Dislikes: Shopping At The Market
Office Nickname: Vera
Personality: Love To Be Me At All Times
Oluwatosin Ayilara
Technical Support Manager
Area of Expertise: Layout, 2D/3D Animation, Movie Editing
Likes: Playing Drums & Organising
Dislikes: Deception
Office Nickname: Tosin, Lex
Personality: Calm, Gentle, Fun
Modupe Adebayo
Interior Designer
Area of Expertise: Residential Offices, Bars
Likes: Children
Dislikes: Insincerity
Office Nickname: Modupsy
Personality: Jovial, Firm
Moses George
Area of Expertise: Architecture, CAD Presentation, Education
Likes: Itunes, 3D Animation, Nutella
Dislikes: Unfairness
Office Nickname: Georgy Oloye
Personality: Approachable, Humorous (sometimes), Dedicated
Frank Osa Omokaro
Facilities Manager
Area of Expertise: Strategist, Planning and Executing
Likes: Honest People, Hard Work
Dislikes: Laziness
Office Nickname: Mr. Frankosnehh, Badoo
Personality: Dedicated Family Man
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